What is a Feather Flag

Feather flags are used for the purpose of advertisement. Though it is a concept which evolved in the mid-1970s, it gained popularity by the end of 1990s. Today, feather flags are very popular tools of advertisement. Unlike the usual mode of outdoor advertising, feather flags are innovative and they offer a whole new dimension to the concept of advertisement.

There are various reasons which have made feather flags so popular. Apart from being attractive and innovative in terms of design, these flags are easy to use as they are light, yet durable. The use of feather flags has become very common in the present time and can be seen in various occasions and events of brand promotion.
What are the types of Feather Flags?

Feather flags are available in different other types of names. Some of them include:

• Swooper Flags
• Blade Flags
• Flutter Flags
• Advertising Flags
• Bow Flags
• Sail Flags
• Tall Flags
• Teardrop Flags
• Quill Flags

All these different types are available in different designs and shapes.

Feather Flag Sizes

These flags are usually available in 4 different sizes. Here are the common size specifications:
• Small: Height 2.4m. Size of the Flag 500mm W x 1900mm H
• Medium: Height 3m. Size of the Banner 600mm W x 2600mm H
• Large: Height 4m’. Size of the Banner 796mm W x 3396mm H
• Extra-Large: Height 5m. Size of the Banner 850mm W x 4400mm H

History of Feather Flags

The concept of using feather flags is not a new one. They were first used a couple of decades ago, during the 1970s to be precise. Though it has become quite popular over the years, yet the term “feather flag” is unheard to many. Even today, people tend to opt for the conventional ways, like using yard sign or custom banner. As the internet grew rapidly during the 90s, the concept of feather flags took off and they are now being used by numerous small scaled local retail stores all over the world. Feather flags, being non-digital in nature are considered to be a tool for traditional advertising. This concept existed even before the advent on the internet and it is the internet, which has helped it gain popularity over the years.

The internet has played a very significant role towards the expansion and growth of the feather flags. The internet made them more affordable, as the business owners had the opportunity to order these flags to other flag makers in the country instead of relying on the local ones. These days, there are numerous online stores of feather flag available where the customers, with the help of designing tools can create their own customized designs.

Custom Feather Flags

The custom feather flags are used for various events like performances, festivals, athletic competitions, street fairs etc. These signs are designed to be used in the fair in order to moderate weather, which includes snow, rain or the wind. At times banners get destroyed by high winds; however, these flags are exceptions.
Features of Feather Flags

Feather flags, like other forms of advertising, have its own features. Here are some of them:

• These flags are affordable yet attractive
• They have proved to be very effective with regards to branding. These days, feather flags are being used by some of the big brands.
• These flags are not meant to communicate any message
• This looks very attractive when it comes to displaying the logos.

Feather Flags as New Addition to Advertisement

The Feather Flags are used for promotional purposes and it is very important to use them strategically so that they can capture maximum attention. One very important aspect which can be associated with Feather Flags is the number. These flags yield the best results when they are being used in multiple numbers. Multiple flags in a single location help to attract lots of crowds. Especially, if it is a windy day and the flags are fluttering and dancing in the air, then it becomes a wonderful sight. One flag can be used; however, it needs to be a big one, big enough to draw attention.
Vibrant Colors
Feather flags with the right color help to portray the brand more effectively. Usually, bright colors are used when it comes to these kinds of flags. Being too bright; however, can make it look cheap and might damage the professional approach. Before selecting the color, the type of brand and the targeted group are taken into consideration. Talking about color, blue is one of the most common shades to be used in the Feather Flags.
Used Strategically
To get the best results, feather flags are used at the locations which are of strategic importance. Usually, in case of events, these flags are used at the entrance and in those places where the crowd is likely to gather. They help to attract people. Besides, the Feather Flags are also used at a distance from the place of the event in a row, leading the people to the spot.
Feather Flags for Noncommercial Use
Feather flags are equally effective and are commonly used in events and occasions which are non-commercial in nature. In case of road shows or other events organized by the NGOs, these flags are used quite frequently. The idea is to draw as much attention as possible. Given the designs and colors of this flag, they have proved to be the perfect tool for attracting people towards the event.
Benefits of Feather Flags

Here are some of the benefits which add high value to the Feather Flags:

• These flags are portable and light weight. They are easy to set up and can be used at any place and at any point of time.
• They are waterproof and are washable. As a result, the original glow and shine of these flags can be retained even after years.
• These are one of the most important advertising tools when it comes to brand visibility.
• The flags are made of Ultra Violet resistant materials and, as a result, can retain their original glow even under the hottest conditions.