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What is a Feather Flag?

In regards to traditional advertising for businesses, Feather Flag advertising can help draw attention to an event or business. Feather flags are not filled with feathers, they simply get their name from their feather like structure. Feather Flags are becoming increasingly popular with businesses who are using them religiously to promote events, products and services.

The Purpose of Feather Flags

Like all forms of advertising there are the pros and cons of each form. Feather flags offer many pros because they’re affordable and they work very well when drawing attention to an event or place. These flags work very well when it comes to branding with even big brands using them on a regular basis because they recognise the success that they can have. The flags are commonly designed for logos as they’re not designed for communicating a long message, just like most forms of traditional advertising.


Effective Feather Flag Marketing

When it comes to promotional events, businesses that have a brick and mortar location can draw in a significant amount of outside traffic if they strategically use the flags. When ordering flags it's important to understand that one is not enough. When many flags are out and dancing in the wind the attention naturally comes in. One flag can work, but to be really effective it's all about having multiple flags visible.


Choosing the right colour to represent your brand will help with the effectiveness of the marketing. Colours that are brighter reach a larger audience, however you don’t want to be too bright, it can kill the professionalism of your brand. Evaluating the colour personality of your target audience should be considered when selecting colours.



Placing the flags in the right place is by far the most important and crucial part of any traditional campaign strategy. Not every retail business has the greatest location, however you don’t want to place the flags away from your location unless you are promoting a remote event. Flags should be where the most amount of traffic can visually see them. If your business is positioned next to a busy street, but the front of the business points towards a small street, it would be wise to place the flags on the side of the street with the most traffic. Feather Flags aren't just restricted to business site needs, but are also a great promotional tool for events such as festivals, sporting events, conferences and special events within the local community.


Feather Flags can be great assets in your marketing campaign to promote your company and they should not be ignored in any retail or restaurant business campaign. All of the big brands use them still to this day for effective promotion. They are affordable and they can be customised to fit your brands theme or message. People are not annoyed by this way of advertising as these flags will draw in more customers and sales if used strategically and efficiently! Here at UK FeatherFlags we specialise in the production of these types of flags, and with years of experience behind us, we are always striving to help you.

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