A London-based art director called Scott Kelly has designed a bunch of amazing flags for different planets in the Star wars universe. This project is a combination of his two childhood obsessions: Star Wars and flag design. The flags he has designed are for planets that have been featured in the various movies as well as comic books, animated series and video games. The designs are in keeping with a lot of the basic rules of flag design, otherwise known as vexillology.


Here are some of the best flags taken from the Flags of the Galaxy website. Please let us know which is your favourite in the comments and share it with your pals on social media.




A sand yellow coloured flag featuring two red circles to represent the twin suns of the desert planet Tatooine - Luke Skywalker's home planet.


Tatooine flag




Located in the Core Worlds and was the second planet in the Alderaan system. The home planet of Princess Leia which was blown up by the Death Star.


Alderaan flag




Was a bountiful planet in the Mid Rim, close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories. The home planet of Padmé Amidala and Jar Jar Binks, as well as Senator Palpatine.


Naboo flag




A remote, icy planet that was the sixth planet in the star system of the same name. Where Han Solo saved Luke Skywalker's life by cutting open a Tauntaun.


Hoth flag




Originally called Notron, also known as Imperial Center or the Queen of the Core, was a planet located in the Galactic Core. Place where the Jedi Temple was based.


Coruscant flag




Also known as Wookiee Planet C was a Mid Rim planet. The tropical, forested home world of Chewbacca and the Wookiees.


Kashyyyk flag




The home planet of the Geonosians. Rocky desert planet where battle droids are manufactured, and the site of the opening battle of the Clone Wars.


Geonosis flag




Also known as the Forest Moon of Endor and the Sanctuary Moon was a small forested moon located in the Outer Rim Territories and the home planet of the Ewok species.


Endor flag


Death Star


The Galactic Empire's "ultimate weapon", a huge spherical space station over 100 kilometers in diameter capable of destroying a planet with one shot of its superlaser.


Deathstar flag


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