We have just spotted a gem of a post in the vexillology category on Reddit where the user called STRATEQ has uploaded a couple of excellent chess flag designs that any serious chess player would love. The post is doing extremely well with over 5000 up votes in the past day since it was added, so we had to share.


The redditors first thought was to make a square flag composed of 64 black and white squares, but then they realized that this kind of flag would be too easy to confuse with the racing Finish flag. So they included an iconic picture of a chess king standing next to the chessboard in the designs. The user also made sure that the A1 square is black in each one as they did not want to upset any chess lovers out there.


Anyway, here are the two different chess flags for you to check out. We hope that you like them as much as we do and maybe share the one you like best on social media.


Chess Flag 1


This design with the one iconic king symbolizes chess as a whole.


Chess flag 1

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Chess Flag 2


And this second design with the two kings symbolizes rivalry .


Chess flag 2

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Both of these flags were designed by the talented Reddit user called STRATEQ and you can see more of their stuff here.