Are Feather Flags ideal advertising for small businesses? New business owner and one of our latest customers, Andy Bishop, certainly thinks so!

Andy Bishop Feather Flags

Here at UK Feather Flags we love to contribute to the promotion of small local businesses and endeavour to ensure successful advertising. This week we have enjoyed working closely with new business owner, Andy Bishop, to produce feather flags to advert his thriving, Nottinghamshire-based cycling company. As keen cyclists ourselves we jumped at the chance to promote the expertise of a fellow dedicated cyclist! 
Andy, who has competed at a high standard in domestic road racing, time trials and triathlons, recently decided to take the plunge and set up his own business - Andy Bishop Bike Fit & Cycle Analysis Instructor; at his Cycling Performance Centre, Andy uses his racing expertise to aid his clients in ensuring that bicycles are correctly fitted to their specific measurements and develops training programs individually catered to cyclists of differing abilities and levels of fitness. Like most successful business owners he aimed to find the best promotional and advertising tool to efficiently promote his blossoming business. After communicating his specific wants and needs with our dedicated team, a design was created and two feather flags were printed. These simple yet effective flags are now displayed in the entrance of his premises and Andy also plans to use these to catch the attention of potential clients at upcoming cycling events and shows. Andy was extremely satisfied with his purchase, saying,
"Amazing new advertising to take to events and shows to promote my business. Massive thanks to UK Feather Flags, I am so pleased with how they look."
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